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GP Electronics For nearly 30 years, Sceptre Power has designed and manufactured simple AC-DC linear power adaptors and battery chargers to present-day multi-purpose switching power supplies for many OEMs in consumer, commercial, telecom, computer peripherals, industrial and portable electronics applications. Also known as Sceptre Power.

Noxillizer offers a new sterilization technology based upon Nitrogen DiOxide (NO2). Sterilize in house and/or provide contract sterilization services. In-line or free-standing installation of a room-temperature method applicable to even bio-resorbables and pre-filled syringes. Learn more...

Reilly Foam Corporation has specialized in engineered foams for thousands of consumer and industrial applications. Products include double-celled and open-celled foams, standard and cross linked polyethylene, coated and impregnated foams, neoprene, urethane and embossed, patterned and laminated specialty foams. Learn more…

Specialty Silicone Fabricators specializes in the custom fabrication of silicone elastomer components through silicone extrusion, molding and sheeting for medical applications. Offering full product design and manufacturing services, from prototype and testing, to production, assembly, packaging and shipping — all ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 Certified. They provide a complete FDA registered, ISO certified "design through distribution" solution for medical products OEMs.

ESD ProtectionStatico is a full line supplier of static control and clean room products. Statico is committed to high quality, economical pricing, quick delivery, technical and sales support services. More…

Advertising and Marketing ServicesWordspecs is a full-service advertising agency for social media, print, television, video, and website design development. Wordspecs specializes in developing business identities, "branding" your organization across all media. More…

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