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Al Barry, E.E.

Please review our line card to learn more about the firms we represent and our Midwest marketplace contacts to learn about our reach.


Barry Technical Sales provides independent sales representation in the Midwest, acting as a manufacturers agent in for industrial goods and high tech engineering / manufacturing. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) count on Barry Technical Sales to help develop and sell “the next big thing.” We have the expertise, connections and real-world experience to take you to the next level.

From “It's never been done” to “Done! What’s next?”

Do you believe deeply in what you’re doing? That’s what it takes for BTS to plant your flag in our territory, whether it’s “cold country” or well-saturated by your competitors.

Are you struggling just to bring it innovative product designs to market? BTS brings solutions to the conference room, even to the assembly line.

Do you wonder how to target potential OEM accounts? They may already be customers of our other clients. And if there’s a good fit, we keep the relationships going, even over the inevitable bumps.

What’s at the core of our strategy? Integrity and mutual benefit.

Third-party marketing doesn't cost, it pays.

Our job is to be where your people are not, to push through the doors your competitors can not, and to get you an order.

From custom software to capital equipment, from test equipment to process improvements. BTS puts your business ahead of the curve.
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412 Bramble Lane, Deer Park, IL 60010 USA

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